One Mind for a United Work

One Mind for a United Work

Lifted from the Book of Nehemiah 4:6, this theme of Singapore Locale’s Church Growth Summit (CGS) was envisioned by SG Locale Head Pastor Raquel Dela Cruz and Asst. Pastor Jeric dela Cruz. Together with SG church elders, flock leaders, and locale ministry officers, Pastors Raquel and Jeric vigorously take the lead of the locale’s CGS with the end-goal focused on two definitive numbers for the coming year: first, the kawan groups’ increase from eight to ten (“K10”) and second, regular worshippers of 500 within the year 2018 (“RW500”).

Held on Nov.24-25, 2017 at the Hall Service of Wedgemount Building in Jalan Pemimpin, Singapore, the CGS tackled quite a number of challenges such as improved and clearer roles of elders, responsibilities and duties of flock leaders, realignment of locale ministries, and the systems in place for effective and efficient performance standards. These were all detailed during the CGS-Day 1 which was attended by locale elders/ flock leaders and department presidents. Moreover, the next day brought much energy and enthusiasm with participation of department officers and ministry teams who joined the CGS-Day 2.

A 2018 draft year-round action program was drawn up comprising new ideas and innovation to help generate more results toward K10 and RW500. Just as the theme suggests, the vital need for a united work is but having a one mind, and that is the mind of Christ, which is at work in the Church as a whole and in SG local church in particular. The entire participants willingly gave their individual and team’s inputs during the workshops to produce a concrete SG locale’s CGS output. With this, indeed when “One Mind” meets, a great united work is set to begin!

“CGS Day 1?(Tshirt Wearing Ceremony)

“CGS Day 2?(Workshops)