Documentary News Article: APOSTOLIC VISIT IN SINGAPORE 2015 

Writers : Sis Roma Balbuena and  Sis Alma Victoria



Day 1 July 3, 2015 Arrival and Welcome Service


BY GOD’S GRACE , On the 3RD DAY OF July 2015, at 1: 07  PM, PR507 Officially landed in Singapore. The brethren were filled with so much excitement as they gathered at Terminal1 Belt 17 of Changi Airport to express their warmest welcome to our beloved Apostle Arsenio Tan Ferriol.

As sunny as the island’s weather, the 50 plus welcoming congregation gave their loudest cheers to the Goodman of the House as he exited the gates to the awaiting limousine.

The Apostle was delighted in the local church hospitality as they tour around the city thru Sis Donna Robles’ guidance.

Meanwhile, the Elders, Kawan leaders and OICs had a limo van ride routing to Orchard hotel to again give a remarkable welcome to the Apostle leading him up to his suite room.

On the night OF the same day, at exactly 7: 30 PM everyone gathered and  was  so enthusiast as they prepare for the arrival of the Apostle in the local church worship hall at Jalan Pemimpin to hold the Welcome Service.

From the welcoming in the airport to the welcome service which ended at about 11 midnight, everyone was truly blessed and is filled with unspeakable kind of strength as they prepare for the next day event with the Goodman of the House.

For indeed BY GOD’S GRACE,  the disembarkation of God’s sent ONE here in Singapore marks ANOTHER NEW LEVEL of greatER outpourING of God’s abundant blessings.

To God be all the glory!




Day 2 July 4, 2015 Breakfast Fellowship and Official Packing for Midnight Set-Up


It was an all-day hectic preparation for the big event. Despite the late night of Welcome Service in Friday,the brethren ONCE AGAIN gathered early IN the Worship hall for a Family Devotion and Prayer Fellowship. The marvelous Words of God has been administered by our Apostle with its theme “Abiding in Christ Until His Return” FROM JOHN 15:7.

He once again challenged the brethren to utilize and mobilize all means of sanctification and perfection in serving the Lord. For we ARE IN THE END-TIME AND have a very short span of time left until the Second Coming of Christ.

After the morning service, brethren from different flock “kawan” prepared and enjoyed the delicious meals as it coincides  with a breakfast fellowship with the Apostle.

In the afternoon, several brethren  including  the event committees rapidly prepare for  actual packing of all equipment and  materials needed to move in to Orchard Hotel for event set up and decoration of the venue.

All part of the set up committee together with the minister and brethren helping out were sleepless due to simultaneous completion and preparation of the event hall. Facing different challenges, everyone. AND by the grace of God, the Lord has manifested His outpouring guidance to everyone .

Along with the exceptional dedication and hardwork  of each one. This massive preparation and responsibility for the much awaited event was victorious!


Day 3: July  5th , 2015 The Orchard Hotel : The Big Event! 


Once again, by God’s grace, God’s marvelous act in His Church was revealed globally in the end-time as the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) Singapore held its 12th Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving Service last 5th of July, 2015 at the Orchard Hotel, Level 3 Ballroom. With the theme taken from the book of John 15:7 “Abiding in Christ Until His Return”, everyone was filled with greater hope as they await to the coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The venue was full packed of a massive crowd of nearly 800 attendees which resulted in renting an additional space at Level 2 to have all the guests seated comfortably. Worshipping via live feed connection, the spirit working amidst everyone was truly eminent.

As Singapore is known for its culture of Racial diversity and harmony, many of our guests came from different walks of life such as Indians, Bangladesh, Chinese nationals and local Singaporeans, Thais, Indonesians, Malaysians, Vietnamese, Europeans and of course fellow Kababayans filled in our guests list..
The Philippine Ambassador to Singapore Hon. Antonio A. Morales was also present for his constant support and recognition of the church role in sharing the word of God to the people of Singapore especially with our fellow Filipinos.

The event hall was filled with utmost singing of praises and worship lead by Sis Joy Ferriol Guerrero as the Master of Ceremony backed up the Singapore Music Ministry.
Our Singapore local assistant minister Sis Hiyasmin Martin lead the congregation with fervent and heartfelt opening prayer and Bro Jojo Ballesteros of Vietnam Locale lead the Scripture reading.
Sis Donna Robles, the Head Minister of PMCC Singapore, Welcome the guests in behalf of the brethren and the Nazareth Area Coordinator , Evangelist Leticia Ferriol. She also delivered the message of giving entitled, “ The Biblical Way of Giving”.The offertory message delivered by head minister of Singapore Sis Donna Robles brought great blessings to all the people who heard and challenge the truth and faithfulness of God’s provision to those who follow the right way of giving.

It was also an astonishing experience to see and hear the exceptional presentation of cadets or children ministry, Watcher’s Singing Group and the majestic voices of the Singapore Choir “Agnus Dei”.
A cheque was also presented to the Apostle by the PMCC Singapore lead by its Head Minister Sis. Donna Robles representing the exceptional gratitude and Pledge of Support to the Shiloah building construction.

After the introduction to the Keynote speaker ministered by Sis Donna Robles, God’s word was powerfully administered by God’s true sent one, the Goodman of the House, our Beloved Apostle in the End time, Arsenio Tan Ferriol, enlightened the crowd with the significance of believing that there is a living God who has created us, and the love of Jesus Christ His Son who died for us for our salvation. The holy spirit truly worked mightily in the midst of the service as many brethren and guest, including those foreign who called themselves free thinker, come forward to express their acceptance and belief to our Lord Jesus Christ when the Apostle made an altar call and offer prayers after his preaching.

This anniversary was a 3 day event celebration from July 3, Friday from the Arrival of the Apostle at Changi Airport to Welcome Service at night held at the PMCC Worship Hall, July 4, Saturday Prayer Fellowship and Breakfast with the Apostle.

Truly the Lord is very faithful to His promise, that “He will not forget our good works unto Him”. The dedication in prayer and fasting, invitations and follow ups of guest, planning and execution, and every contribution made in this sleepless and tireless preparation of the each one, from the ministers, anniversary committees, and brethren for this big event, was rewarded by God with victory.
This momentous event will be a remarkable benchmark of an intensified and a higher level of faithful and fruitful service unto the Lord. To God be the glory!!!