Stand Firm, Be Still (A Letter to Remain Steadfast in God’s Will)

Stand Firm, Be Still (A Letter to Remain Steadfast in God’s Will)

Dear Friend,

The worldly life – a life bound to have different kinds of problems, difficulties, shortcomings and frustrations. It is as if there is nothing you could do about it. And as you realized it, many more problems would build up – for life is never a smooth-sailing course; rather it is a constantly changing journey.

In all these adversaries that we face, we must remain steadfast and perseverant. In other words, the answer is to never give up – no matter what’s going on in our lives, the victory is in refusing to quit. That is, to say, to hold on to it and keep life going!

Not the kind of life we used to live with – enslaved by work and worldly problems. But rather the new life brought by faith so pure and true. The kind of faith that one would receive from hearing the teachings of the true sent ones of God.

When Moses brought the Israelite out of Egypt, it was never easy. Not only the external environment they went through, but also among the people he led out to. But, they did not quit.  The apostles, whom Christ have sent to preach the gospel, never gave up despite several odds and threats in their lives. Pragmatic people even mocked them. The early Christians kept their faith until their last breath just to utter with boldness that Jesus Christ is their Savior even if it would mean death.

Keep in mind that in the heat of our struggles, our Almighty God is doing His greatest work within us. Guided by the teachings of Christ given to the sent one, the Apostle in the End Time – we must not be moved by the circumstances .

We must hold on, trust in Him, lift everything to Him and rely on His goodness get your “Lucky Numbers” in online slots and greatest promise. Our Great God is not with us in good times only rather He is carrying us in our most difficult times.

He is a God of mercy, a loving God and our Greatest Provider.  If we think we are so burdened, look up to Him for He will give us rest. He will not give us these trials if we are not be able to handle, we just continue to follow and be obedient to Him.

This means being diligent in prayer, relentless in our resolve, unwavering in faith, and determined to stand firmly on God’s Word and His promises to us.

So many times we can be sidetracked by how slowly things seem to be going. But remember, that’s when God may be doing some of His greatest work. You will see, it’s not all about you and me. But it’s the Lord’s work in us as He is preparing us for the work He wants us to do.  I know life can be hard sometimes. But I also know that God will help us if we remain steadfast.

As it is said in Galatians 6:9: “So let’s not get tired of doing what is good, for in the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up” (NLT).

And we can only do this kind of trust, steadfast and unwavering faith by trusting and receiving His sent ones (Matthew 10:40).
Because the sent ones of God speaks the word of God (John 3:34)

So now my friend, never ever give up! For our Lord God is Almighty! He will never fail His faithful children.

Let us continue to pray for one another….

“God, I believe that You are at work in our lives. We choose today to remain steadfast and never give up in obedience to You. Give us the strength to carry on and the understanding of your will. All glory and honor belong to our Almighty Father. This prayer we lift up in the mighty name of your son, Jesus Christ, Amen.”

Be still…and in prayers we humbly remain!

With you in prayers,
Sis. Julie Sansales