When God sent His only begotten Son to our world, the Anointed One of God, had to be given a name. But not just an ordinary name, but the kind that must faithfully express the true character of the Christ and His true mission as well. Hence, the name, Jesus!

The Greek name “Jesus” is actually the transliteration of the Hebrew name, “Joshua” which means, “Yahweh saves.” It is the perfect name for the Savior.

Jesus is the “Immanuel.” The one who brought the very power and presence of God with men.

Jesus is the child whom the Prophet Isaiah prophesied and said will be called the “Wonderful Counselor,” “Mighty God,” “Eternal Father” and the “Prince of Peace.” (Isaiah 9:6)

Jesus is the “Son of David” – the One whom the Prophet Isaiah also prophesied who will “reign on the throne of David and over His kingdom, establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness forever and ever.” (Isaiah 9:7).

The name Jesus was also the one which the angels sang and glorified God about when these heavenly heralds announced to the shepherds His birth! And in turn, it was the name that the shepherds told everyone in Bethlehem and many came to believe and follow.

It was the name that when the Magi heard for the first time, they bowed their knees and offered their treasures as an act of their worship!

Jesus is the name whom the broken, the sick and the weak called out from the streets of Jerusalem and as a result, they were made whole miraculously for the glory of God!